Stereo Jack pride themselves on their youthful and vibrant stage shows - as well as their skilful mix of classic cover band tracks and more far-out versions of numbers not often attempted by other bands in the industry! They are proud to be fronted by not 1, but 3 unique singers who provide spine-tingling harmonies and broaden the spectrum of music the band can deliver.

The earliest edition of the group formed in 2012 with original members Tony Trott, Jason Rampling and Aaron Groom, who were existing friends from their music college days. The trio began with a short, basic list of songs and managed to acquire performance slots in local pubs and clubs. There, they quickly built up a reputation for being an “in-demand” party act. A strong focus on crafting tailored, high-quality set lists has continued to be a key selling point for Stereo Jack; allowing them to tune into any given crowd and react on-the-fly, whatever the atmosphere.

Since acquiring newest members Tom Giles and Daisy Webb in mid-2015 to complete the current line-up, the band have significantly grown in confidence. Having allocated each band member a secondary role in addition to performing, they make full use of their skills in enterprise, client services and marketing to continuously evolve as a fully functioning business.

Meet The Band

Tony Trott - Electric Guitar & Vocals / Musical Direction


Considered the Frontman of the act, Tony prides himself on his ability to engage with the crowd! If you're not dancing, he will make it his personal duty to get you up on your feet or sighing at his terrible jokes! Tony has been playing a whole range of instruments since the age of 10.

Daisy Webb - Lead Vocals / Design & Marketing


A typical overachiever, Daisy is no stranger to meeting high expectations.  Starting her ambitious career by representing Suffolk as a County gymnast in early childhood, she later discovered a passion for song and dance that never faltered. A seasoned amateur dramatics performer, she embraces every aspect of the stage!

Jason Rampling - Acoustic Guitar & Vocals


Jason is the clumsy one - known for tripping over flat surfaces, losing large equipment or forgetting what happened in the last twenty seconds! The rest of the time, he is the band's acoustic guitarist and backing vocalist. He has a passion for harmony, loves positive energy and songs that can bring you to tears.

Tom Giles - Bass Guitar / Bookings


Tom brings the funk to the band! He has been playing bass since he was 13 and has a degree in Music Performance from ACM in Guildford. His primary influences in music are Stevie Wonder, Jamiroquai, Marcus Miller and Pino Palladino. His groovy licks and highly attractive bass faces are sure to have you up on your feet begging for more!

Aaron Groom - Drums


Aaron's the pretty one! He's been playing drums since the age of 9; loving music in all its forms from a very young age - it runs in his family. Bands like Fleetwood Mac, Guns n' Roses, Sex Pistols and Led Zeppelin inspired him to take up an instrument. He enjoys most genres of music, ranging from Classical to Hip Hop and Hardcore Punk.

Stereo Jack can provide live music and a complimentary DJ service for any event - whether that be corporate; personal or public; indoors or outdoors. The band's extensive PA and lighting rig is capable of serving up to and including 500 at any given venue.

Should your event be on a grander scale, then a larger PA, capable of serving venues of 500+ can be hired for an additional charge. The band also is willing to hire out the PA or lighting alone for very competitive rates. This will include a lighting and sound engineer if required. The band use top-end microphones and high quality digital mixing interfaces. This ensures that the sound quality is crisp, clear and smooth.